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CdR Adelaide Meire - App by Neinnonay
CdR Adelaide Meire - App


҂Name: Adelaide  Meire

҂ Age: 18

҂ Birthday: 13 December

҂ Species: Human

҂ Faction: White Faction

҂ Job: Jongleur


҂ Personality:
+ Cheerful, affectionate, loyal, sweet, shy, aware

-  Secretive, self deprecating, hesitant, stubborn, agreeable

• Excitable  

Shy on first meeting, after getting to know her, Adelaide for the most part is a very cheerful and sweet individual. Incredibly affectionate to friends, she initiates physical contact, whether that is a hug in greeting, linking arms when walking or leaning upon that person.  She cares immensely for her friends, being there for them when needed.

 Her ability to empathize with others often causes her to look at the positive aspect of those she meets and willing to listen to their opinions. Sometimes causing her to be hesitant in voicing her opinions bluntly when in disagreement, rather she’ll give another view point to a situation.  That’s not to say she ignores their faults, if a friend or acquaintance is being mean, cruel or just being closed minded Adelaide has no qualms in arguing her point .    

Excitable would be the word to describe Adelaide. When happy her energy has her bouncing off walls, finding amusement in the littlest things, like chasing a butterfly.  The word also applies to Adelaide when irate. Becoming momentarily angry or upset, often resulting in sharp words, leaving her in tears, disgusted with herself after her bout of anger.  It is Adelaide’s family that bears the brunt of her temper. Her friends have only glimpses, when she’s feeling particularly strongly about a topic of conversation.  

Though she may not act it Adelaide is very aware of her surroundings, the people around her and herself.  This makes her unsure of herself and secretive, fearing the fact that others really don’t care about her, so why should she bother them with her problems.


҂ History

Adelaide is the first child of Sophie and Henry Meire. Henry worked as an agricultural researcher, looking at the different conditions which affected growth of crops.  Up until the age of fourteen her life wasn't all that unusual. The town in which she lived unlike many other area's allowed girls to go to school and even catered to those who wanted to learn past the age of eleven, thus at the age of five she was put into the local school and later on, the secondary school.  She spent her time reading, studying and looking after her younger brother when her parents weren't home.  Her love of books was what founded her friendship with apprentice tailor Mithian, while on an errand for her mother and waiting for Gerald the tailor, Adelaide had seen Mithian reading one of her favourite books, and the two had been close since. 

It was at the age of fourteen Adelaide met one Alistair Kavanagh. Alistair had come to perform during the last hour before school ended to celebrate the headmistress’ 10th year with the school. He had performed various juggling and knife throwing tricks.  Adelaide had been fascinated and with help from Mithian she had been able to approach Alistair and start a conversation.  It had turned out that Alistair lived quite near to her family, so conversation continued as the three walked homeward. Despite the age difference the pair got along swimmingly, conversation spanning from his previous job in the circus, to his blacksmithing, the fact that he was actually a friend of Gerald’s to the fact that Adelaide had her hair cut by Mithian. As they got closer home, new and old friends parted with a wave of goodbye, with promise of meeting later in the week.   

Around 8 months after the beginning of their friendship, Adelaide had been sitting on the garden swing watching Alistair idly practicing with his throwing knifes, following the motions of his body as he walked into the throw. After a few minutes of silence Adelaide broached the subject of learning the skill.  Alistair had considered the idea, but instead suggested that Adelaide first improve her coordination by learning to juggle. She had picked up the skill quickly finding she enjoyed juggling very much, slowly becoming more proficient as the year went on. It became the norm for Adelaide to spend her free time practicing, learning to juggle with various objects learning how different weights affected her throw, as well as learning to perform.  However her focus on her training caused a rift between herself and her parents, as they believed that Adelaide would amount to nothing if her skill were to become her profession.  However when Adelaide hadn’t done as well in her exams as they had hoped, her parents seemed to give up on her, telling her to do whatever she wanted.

So she continued honing her dexterity and by the time she turned eighteen Adelaide was juggling knives with ease.  During the summer months of that year the Cirque Des Reves had come to town, Alistair knew of the circus and encouraged Adelaide to take an audition of some sort to pursue her skill.  The day of, Alistair gave Adelaide a set a throwing knifes he had made, wishing her the best. Smiling Adelaide waved to her mentor and began to make her way to the circus.  



҂ Voice

Talking:… Iu’s voice when talking

Singing:…  yerin’s vocals (the one on the right)


҂ Likes



•Animals (especially her cat)


•Music in general

•Climbing trees


҂ Dislikes

•Spiders/bugs (not really, only if they get on her person)

•Drinking (when not minimal, Adelaide herself doesn’t drink alcohol)



҂ Family

•Younger Brother : Thomas Meire

•Father : Henry Meire

•Mother : Sophie Meire

•Great Uncle: Lazarus Jane



•Mithian N.
Adelaide’s friend, the two had initially met at the tailors where Mithian works as apprentice. Mithian is quiet, observant and a bit strange for most peoples’ liking, but Adelaide wouldn’t have her any other way.

• Gerald (Geld)
An acquaintance. Geld lives with Mithian above the tailor shop. Adelaide admires his skill as a tailor.     

•Alistair Kavanagh (Alice)
Ten years older and Adelaide’s mentor and friend, he previously worked in a circus as a knife thrower.



•The eye makeup that Adelaide wears varies day to day, however when performing she usually opts to scribble a smudged triangle shape under one of her eyes. 

•Owns a tabby named Athena. Athena is extremely loyal, friendly and curious, but also quite cautious. She was given to a 14 year old Adelaide by her great uncle.

•Though she initiates physical contact with her friends, Adelaide is very uncomfortable when other initiate contact, as in her home life it wasn’t how the family functioned.

•Loves a good debate/conversation.  


҂ RP methods

Notes, Skype



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